You can’t beat this city on days like today, the sun is out and the temperature has gone up to what is nearly perfect. Even the usual morning-ruining event of my Starbucks coffee tasting shit hasn’t soured my mood.

I’m on the tube at the moment as I have a little errand to run out east at the Boleyn (hopefully Ken’s Cafe will be open too), but after that I’ve got the day free to do whatever I want.

I’m thinking a walk along the Southbank would be great, or maybe a walk round the Serpentine. Maybe I’ll just plonk myself down in the park and read, who the fuck knows?

One thing that be happening later is some catching up on video games. I haven’t had the time to further my career (read: finish Halo Reach on legendary and make progress in Mass Effect 2) much in the last month or so, and having part exchanged my old hoover-sounding Xbox Elite for a shiny new, quiet Xbox 360 S, I think a mammoth gaming session is in order.

Sounds like that would waste the great weather though, right? Not for me. One of my favourite times to play video games is on a glorious sunny day with the windows open and a cool breeze flowing in. Especially in London when I can hear the world passing by outside. I might even see the guy who walks his two huskies down Gloucester Road. Now that is the stuff of dreams.

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