Amid a hectic day in the office, with everyone checking their routes home for safety reasons, I came across this inspiring picture taken on Green Street today. Much is made of the difference between the East End in the days of Bobby Moore et al and today, and yes it is vastly different, but the spirit is clearly still there.

This image shows local residents have taken to the street to literally protect their businesses from any potential rioters. Absolutely brilliant.

Seeing this image, the decision to postpone tonight’s League Cup tie is clearly the best for everyone. Let’s let the idiots have their fun and then get back to the task of watching West Ham return to winning ways.

I’m expecting to see an image soon of the David’s outside the front of the Boleyn Ground with over-sized dildo-bats in hand. Ready for action. Gold will probably be in disguise though, predictably as some sort of porn Dracula. Sullivan will be, as ever, dressed as some sort of faux Russian militant.

Rumour is that riots are also scheduled for 4.00pm at the Brittania Stadium, Stoke, as supporter’s heard that the club might be in talks with Matthew ‘Celebrity’ Upson…


  1. What is really odd about this picture is that we always hear comment from the ‘left’ that we should expect riots etc from the immigrant sections of our communities as this is an institutionally racist country that does not allow the ‘little man’ any opportunity. However as your picture clearly shows most of the good and decent people protecting ‘their own’ as things in the East End used to be described, are actually from immigrant backgrounds and it is actually young british people , whether that be white, 2nd or 3rd generation black or asian people, these are no longer immigrants and have been British for a long time and yet they still feel the urge to rebel against this country because we don’t understand them (ya get me!). They should actually go to some parts of the world and experience genuine poverty and oppression and then they might actually understand that, whilst not perfect, this is a very tolerant and open minded country that rewards enterprise and good hard graft. The good poeple in your picture must be sick and tired of being abused by these idiots trying to prove that they are racially, finacially and socially opressed.

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